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Just when I was ready to pick up this blog again my little elderly dog has a stroke. Bless her heart. During this week she has made a hint of progress each day…But I need to concentrate on her now..and will return here,to write my thoughts and hopefully support Vegan Newbies as soon. I will chart her recovery on Blogger, sorry WordPress, lol.


As eggs is eggs, the male day-old chick will not survive.

Yesterday i was in a busy supermarket and stopped in front of the veggie/healthy options. There was a young woman there, too, looking at the produce. I pointed to some sausages and turned to her and said ‘those are lush’. She smiled and replied that they weren’t Vegan. She was right, although suitable for vegetarians they contain egg.

I wonder how many people know  what happens to unwanted day-old chicks in hatcheries? They are destroyed in one inhumane way or another, put live through a grinder or thrown into big sacks and suffocated or gassed: which can take up to two minutes for them to die.

I know quite a few people that do not eat meat, do dairy or wear leather, they buy ethical products and campaign for the rights and safety of animals, but they keep rescued hens and eat some of their eggs.  Only the Vegan Police interfere.




This has turned many a meat-eater..

Animal Aid. Undercover in slaughterhouses.

The following text is a direct copy from the Animal Aid website:

‘Since 2009, Animal Aid has filmed secretly inside thirteen British slaughterhouses. We found evidence of lawbreaking in twelve of them. The problems are serious and widespread. Our films revealed animals being kicked, slapped, stamped on, and picked up by fleeces and ears and thrown into stunning pens. We recorded animals being improperly stunned and going to the knife while still conscious. We filmed animals deliberately and illegally beaten, pigs burned with cigarettes and workers hacking at the throats of conscious sheep.

Even where no laws were broken, animals still suffered pain and fear. And ‘high welfare’ plants, such as those accredited by the Soil Association and Freedom Food (now known as RSPCA Assured), were no better than the standard ones, and were guilty of breaches of the welfare laws. Animal Aid believes that whether ‘conventional’, organic, kosher or halal, all slaughter is unnecessary and immoral, and the only way to prevent such suffering is to go vegan.’

* * *

It was on the back of this filmed abuse that with a few friends made on Fb, in 2010, that we established the page ‘CCTV for All Slaughterhouse’. Which was extremely successful in stirring supermarkets to rethink their policies. I am no longer involved with the group, but very proud of what we did and what the team are continuing to do.





I am delighted, happy and encouraged that Veganism has become cool, especially amongst the Millennials. I read yesterday that it has grown 360% in the last decade. I am not sure how I feel about that statistic, I would have guessed at more, better applied to the last two years, say? It certainly feels like veganism is everywhere in the media, especially. But in some ways it does bother me that it has become somewhat fashionable, as we all know that something that is cool can become uncool, after a while. Can Veganism stay in vogue  long enough for it to really enter the psyche, to really get it?

When I look back to five plus years ago and that first walk through a supermarket, I will never forget how alien it felt when I was searching (in slow motion, it felt like) for something to get for supper. As time went on the stench from the ‘meat’ aisles became stronger and today as I pass through I feel quite disturbed watching the other shoppers feasting their eyes on all that flesh…Just for a few minutes to satisfy their stomach…a meal and animal forgotten.




Arvid Beck~ Vegan

Arvid Beck

The dog and me…

My fragile broadband connection is no match for the madness of this mega-windy morning.  Best I keep this on the short side, for now.

Reading back through that first post of 5 years ago, it reminded me that I had begun to believe it was a good idea to introduce my doggie to vegginess, too. Bless him, he did his best. He quite liked the biscuits and he did love those vegan toothbrush chews, but when he began to under  go serious surgery. I had to think again.

He survived three operations ( Titanium wedges in both back legs and then a repair to one leg after pointed end of the wedge broke the bone) and I have him with me here, still. A Tamil street dog, I brought back from Chennai over 12 years ago.

I began giving Joe, chicken and rice for his recovery and didn’t look back. I was studying Advanced Canine/ Feline Nutrition at the time, by distance learning and decided then I would simply find the most nutritious food for him. I am sure the vegetarian biscuits were ok, but ok didn’t seem enough to me, for my precious constant companion.

Strangely the vegan chews disagreed with him after a time and he threw- up big hard chunks of it, twice. I stopped those, there and then.

From my studies I learnt that cats are obligate carnivores; they need meat, and yet I am disturbed to learn that there are plenty of vegans out there, denying their cats what they require. But that’s another story…